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Advantage of On-Grid Solar Systems

There are a number of advantages of installing an on-grid system over the standalone off-grid system option. On-grid systems are generally considered cheaper to install than off-grid systems due to lower materials cost, for example, there is no need to invest in batteries to store any excess energy produced as the grid itself acts as a virtual battery. Costs associated with maintenance or replacements are also reduced.

Another advantage to being connected to the grid is that should you need additional energy on the occasional days when we experience rain in the UAE, you can easily pull power back from the grid as required.

This cost-effectiveness around renewable energy technologies has incentivised the uptake of on-grid solar system solutions. The International Renewable Energy Agency’s latest report on the subject of renewable energy market analysis in the GCC 2019 notes  that “In 2015 (DEWA) launched its Shams Dubai programme, which allows customers to use solar power to generate electricity for their own use, with any excess fed back into the grid. Slow to take off, the scheme has gathered steam recently through applications to government and commercial buildings. As of October 2018, 49.9 MW of solar PV rooftop projects had been installed under net metering in Dubai, and connection requests for another 323 MW of projects had been received (Bellini, 2018a). This is up from just 17.7 MW in 450 buildings in October 2017 (Bellini, 2017).”

Investing in an on-grid solar system not only makes practical sense in terms of powering your business but financial sense as it can also generate income. However, installing PV panels, inverters, interface protection, network connection and meters requires specialists in the field. This is where it is important that you consult with a DEWA approved solar contractor such as Dome Advanced Electromechanical Works LLC (DAEW) that can advise, design and install an on-grid solar system appropriate to your requirements.

DAEW is a DEWA approved solar contractor and consultant under the Shams Dubai program of Dubai as well as being the approved contractor for several Free Zones (such as JAFZA) and local authorities in the region including Dubai Municipality.

DAEW provides a complete end to end solution for installing PV plants from concept  (including feasibility studies), PV System engineering and yield simulation, project development and execution right through to plant monitoring and maintenance.

If you would like to find out more about on-grid solar system solutions for domestic, commercial or industrial applications and how DAEW can help you become more energy-efficient then contact our specialist team on +971 4 3366144 or daew@domeint.com.


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