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Dropped Object Study

Dome’s Safety & Risk Consultancy Division undertakes a wide range of risk assessment studies, and these often include a Dropped Object (DO) study. The Dropped Object study is predominantly required to support the design of onshore and offshore facilities.  Typical studies involve impacts to onshore and offshore platforms, subsea pipelines and flowlines, structures, and process equipment.

An accident occurring during heavy lifts may result in injuries or fatalities, damage to equipment, damage to subsea pipelines offshore, failure of structural integrity and result in potential hydrocarbons release with possibility of fire or explosions.

The Dropped Object Study aims to identify potential dropped object scenarios, to determine the consequences and impact energy, to assess the impact energy against the design criteria, to assess the likelihood and risks of dropped object and when required to make recommendations for dropped object protection to reduce and mitigate the risks.

Various typical scenarios and cases of dropped object occurs during:

  • Routine load transfer between supply vessels and the offshore facilities;
  • Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS), e.g. loading a MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit) from support barge to facilities;
  • Plant modification/ upgrade with impact to live equipment; and
  • Anchor drop and trawler damage to subsea pipelines.

Dropped Object Studies undertaken by Dome HSE Consultancy Division are performed based on latest DNV Recommendation Practice DNV-RP-F107, Risk Assessment of Pipeline Protection; OGP 434-8 Mechanical Lifting Failure; Guide to Quantitative Risk Assessment for Offshore Installation, Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology (CMPT) and Client standards or guidelines where applicable.

Dome has a strong, locally based Safety & Risk team with extensive experience and capabilities in performing Dropped Object Studies as an independent party to support our client in predicting, preventing, and mitigating the hazards associated with the lifting and handling of large/heavy loads on and around the facilities.

Recent clients include:

  • Fertil
  • Target
  • Adyard

For more information about Dropped Object study or any of our other Safety & Risk capabilities, please contact:  hse@domeint.com

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