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Emergency Response Plan Preparation

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”
Benjamin Franklin

The oil and gas industry has some of the most stringent health and ‭safety policies of all sectors, however, the threat of disaster cannot be extinguished entirely, and emergency planning is essential. The industry combines the use of very powerful machinery, highly flammable chemicals and high-pressure processes all of which contributes to making the industry extremely high risk.‬‬‬

The initial minutes of an emergency are critical, and actions taken during these first moments are vital in saving lives. When an emergency occurs, the first priority is always life safety. The second priority is the stabilization of the incident and then to minimize further damage and disruption to the facility.

Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Analysis (EERA), Emergency System Survivability Analysis (ESSA) are critical for emergency planning for high risk industries such as oil and gas. This is why a large part of the Health, Safety & Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) study required by companies such as the ADNOC Group is devoted to the study of the safety and risk components of the project.

The Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) and Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) studies coming out of the HSEIA provide essential input to the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) preparation, EERA and ESSA.

It is critical that these studies are conducted by specialists with wide experience in the relevant industry and its processes. Failure to have a tried and tested Emergency Response Plan in place can potentially lead to loss of life and Dome’s in-house Safety & Risk team has just this type of experience and has conducted a wide range of studies for ADNOC Group companies as well as many other industries in the region.

Examples of recent projects Dome has worked on which included Emergency Response Planning:

• Buhaseer Full Field Development Project – ADNOC Offshore
This HSEIA included 5 packages covering both onshore and offshore facilities including a well head tower, injection pipelines & composite cables, produced water treatment & disposal and facility modifications.
As part of the HSEIA Dome executed a existing facility ERP review for the brownfield modifications and development of ERP framework and Pre-incident Plans for various major accident scenarios identified.

• Haliba Full Field Development Project – Al Dhafra Petroleum (ADNOC)
The Haliba Development plan consists of Full Field Development and full well stream transfer to ADCO ASAB facilities for further processing through an export pipeline of ~65km. The sustainable production from this field is envisaged to be 20000 ~ 40000 STBOPD.
Dome was awarded the HSEIA for the complete onshore field development project which is a greenfield facility. As part of the HSEIA, Dome developed an ERP framework and Pre-incident Plans for various major accident scenarios identified as part of the project scope. This ERP framework defined the basis for full fledge development of ERP during operational phase of the facility.

• Habshan-5 Debottlenecking Associated Gas Project – ADNOC Gas Processing
The major project scope included a new Feed Gas Compression Facility and associated modifications, a new Electrical Substation, new instrument equipment shelter & operating maintenance Shelter, modifications / new equipment at Bab CDS and in Habshan & Habshan 5. It also included a new 42” HP Feed Gas Pipeline from Bab CDS to Habshan 5, including Scraper Launcher and Receiver at Bab CDS and Habshan 5 respectively.
Dome undertook the HSEIA for the new facility including the development of Emergency Escape Rescue (EERA) strategy for the new project facility (which has very high H2S content) by conducting a detailed Emergency Escape Evacuation Assessment Study. Based on the study out comes, a key EER strategy was developed for proposed project facility and it was recommended to integrate this with the existing Habshan-5 plan.

• Asab Phase II and Sahil Phase Development Project – ADNOC Onshore
ADNOC Onshore undertook a Full Field Development (FFD) of Asab, Sahil, Shah, Qusahwira and Mender fields to increase production from them and provided facilities to cater for their operation until 2040.
Dome was awarded with the HSEIA for the new facility. As part of the HSEIA, Dome executed an ERP Review of the existing plant FRP to ensure whether the existing facility FRP EER strategy was appropriate to cover major accident scenarios from the new facilities.

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