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Environmental Baseline Services

Whenever a new activity or project is started or when additions or changes are made to an existing activity, it is important to understand the exact condition of the surrounding environment in order to estimate the likely impact of the activities.  This usually means that Environment Baseline Surveys (EBS) are required to be undertaken and these surveys then feed into the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

An Environmental Baseline Survey, in general, is the determination of the existing characteristics of any area prior to development. The data collected as part of the survey will allow the project proponent to assess performance and compare the environmental conditions before and after the implementation of the project as well as to determine if any component of the project is affecting the environment to an extent that immediate action is required to prevent or mitigate any further deterioration.

The scope of the EBS is mainly defined based on the project activities and aspects that will impact the environment.  It is important for the EBS to provide sufficient information to give a clear picture of the existing environmental components. These components include physical components like topography, soils, air quality, noise levels, climate, surface water, ground water, geology etc. and ecological components such as fisheries, aquatic biology, wildlife etc. and human and economic conditions like population, communities, archaeology, industries and infrastructure facilities.

Dome provides a wide range of Environmental Baseline Services through our well-qualified, locally based team of specialists. Our Health, Safety & Environmental Consultancy Division has undertaken a large number of Environmental Baseline Surveys for a wide range of projects and   Dome has extensive in-house resources such as ambient air quality monitoring equipment, noise level meters, soil and ground water monitoring equipment.  We also have extensive knowledge of local baseline conditions and the likely requirements of various authorities in terms of survey scope.

If you would like to find more about our Environmental Baseline Services for your project, please contact our HSE team on hse@domeint.com

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