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Ergonomic Studies and Occupational Health Services in Dubai

The term “Ergonomics” has become an important subject in the recent years with the rise of human safety principals in the work environment.  Simply put, ergonomics is the study and design of equipment and devices to better fit the human body and its movement.  In fact, the interaction between the human body and the way tasks are undertaken has existed since the first ancestors of modern man began to create simple tools.  Archaeological evidence from ancient civilizations has shown that household equipment and other man-made devices followed simple ergonomic principles.

During the industrial revolution, factory machines and equipment started to be built with design factors closer to the current ergonomics principals, however, the main focus was to increase the efficiency of production rather than to create comfort and safety for the workers involved in the operation.

The benefits of well-designed equipment, work methods and workplaces include enhanced safety and health performance, improved quality and productivity, reduction of human errors, reduced operating costs and the ability to accommodate diverse populations including persons with disabilities.

There are a wide spectrum of activities in the present day work environment which involve ergonomic hazards.  Continuous contact with machines and equipment may lead to disorders in the human body due to repetitive motions.  These hazards mainly include postural fatigue, back pain, upper limb disorders, eye strain resulting in pain and discomfort for the worker and loss of efficiency for the employer.

Through our well-established HSE consultancy division, Dome International LLC  provides a wide range of Ergonomic Studies and Occupational Health Services assessment services through our specialists including  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessment, Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA), Noise & Vibration Assessments, Occupational Hygiene Exposure Assessment, 3D Mapping and assessment and much more.

If you would like to find more about our Ergonomic Studies and Occupational Health Services, please contact our HSE team on hse@domeint.com

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