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Noise Control Study and Services

Exposure to potentially damaging noise in the workplace can be a problem if not properly managed and this is an area covered by the Occupational Health Services provided by Dome International LLC as part of our Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy services.

Where the Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) for a project identifies that personnel are exposed to high noise levels at work, the project proponent is required to develop measures to control the noise and health effects associated with it. The measures involve controlling noise at source, redesigning the project layout, or re-organizing the work activities.

The noise control studies conducted by Dome follow a standard hierarchy starting from elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls and PPEs.

In modern safety science, engineering controls are an integral part of the design and build of components of any project. Engineering controls mainly involve defining and assessment of noise limits, developing noise levels contour maps of the project areas, defining hearing protection zones and assessment of project components that need redesigning or insulation.

Noise maps, as part of noise mapping and noise control studies undertaken by Dome, are prepared by simulating the sound level propagation in a certain area. The map is then colored to define the restricted areas with high noise and define the components that need to be replaced, redesigned, or insulated.

As a leading EIA approved environmental consultancy in the UAE, we have expertise in noise control studies and services using computer models and experienced consultants to define the required engineering controls.

If you would like to find more about Noise Control Studies and Services as well as other safety and environmental services offered by Dome, please contact our HSE team on hse@domeint.com.

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