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Noise Mapping Studies

Noise mapping studies are an important element of the services offered by Dome’s Environmental Consultancy service in the UAE and across the region. Noise Mapping studies are often required as part of the Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment process to understand the impact of noise on both health and the environment. Exposure to excessive noise is known to cause many health effects ranging from minor effects such as stress, poor concentration and loss of productivity to serious effects such as cardiovascular disease and hearing loss. There are many ways to reduce noise effects and combat noise pollution but before precautions can be taken, high noise areas must be identified.

Noise measurements can be collected from various locations over a period of time using a sound level meter and this data then feeds into the noise mapping study. On green field sites, the data is usually collected as part of the Environmental Baseline Survey.

Noise maps are also produced using computer models which calculate the noise level at specific points resulting from the sound generated by particular noise sources. The modelling software utilises source data such as machine types and the nature of industrial processes. The model will also include features which can directly affect sound propagation such as barriers, buildings, topography, weather conditions and type of surrounding surfaces.

Noise mapping is a graphical visual representation of the sound level distribution and the propagation of sound waves in a given area over a define period of time. The map, in general, is colored according to the noise level intensity which is shown by contour lines showing the boundaries between different noise levels in each area. The map is usually overlaid on layout of the area or the workplace.

The main purpose of noise mapping is to provide information to the project owner or decision makers on noise exposure and possible health effects on project personnel. This will eventually lead to the development of action plans to manage noise pollution by reducing noise levels where required or preserving quiet areas where needed.

“SoundPlan” and “Predictor” are the main noise models that are internationally used for noise mapping as they provide the most accurate representation of the actual conditions of the workplace that needs to be mapped. As environmental consultants, we have particular expertise in noise mapping using these two models since we have carried out a large number of noise maps in the UAE and in the Gulf region.

In addition to noise mapping, Dome also undertakes noise control studies and services.

If you would like to know more about noise studies that may be required for your site or project, please contact our HSE team on hse@domeint.com

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