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Process Safety Audits

Dome International LLC is one of the leading providers of Health, Safety & Environmental Consultancy services in the UAE.   Our highly experienced team offers Safety and Risk Audits to identify the hazards and evaluate the preparedness of industries and other organizations and to help address them effectively.  Some of the services offered by Dome include Comprehensive Safety Audit, Process Safety Management Audit, Warehouse Risk Assessment, Electrical Safety Audit, Pipeline Risk Assessment, HSEMS audit etc.

The Process Safety Audit involves a number of interviews with relevant staff and site visits.  Our team of subject matter experts use custom designed checklists to review the systems, reveal gaps, benchmark the performance of these systems against best practice and make recommendations to close them.

Our world class experts successfully conducted numerous offshore and onshore process safety audits and studies in different parts of the world and are ready to support all our clients.


For more information about our Safety & Risk Consultancy Services, please contact us on dome@domeint.com

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