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Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)

Dome’s Safety & Risk consultancy is highly specialized in undertaking studies for the oil & gas industry including Safety Requirements Specification (SRS).  The IEC 61511 Standard requires the user to create a Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) for a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that incorporates all the analysis done during the Risk Assessment, HAZOP/PHA and LOPA reviews.  The SRS falls into two types: an initial conceptual SRS, often referred to as the Process Safety SRS; a detailed Design SRS which contains all the detailed design information.

The SRS is normally completed in two stages. In the first Stage, the SRS should be completed with all the required information from the HAZOP/HAZID/LOPA and other risk assessment studies.  In the second stage the SRS should be updated with any relevant information after commissioning. Any additional hazards that are identified must be reviewed by the HAZOP team.

SRS report must follow the identification of the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) within the Safety Life Cycle. It’s important that the report has no margin of interpretation and must be written in a clear and concise manner. If it is necessary to use acronyms and abbreviations, an explanatory glossary must be included into the report.

SRS report must identify the hazards that have to be prevented and must generally include the following sections:

  • Design and architecture;
  • Reliability;
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level);
  • Support systems;
  • Installation, test and maintenance;
  • Hardware specifications;
  • Software specifications;
  • Human machine interface.

The SRS needs to identify the specific SIS and SIF design requirements and they need to address organization and site practices such as: acceptable component selection, installation requirements and wiring requirements.

Recent SRS studies undertaken by Dome include but not limited to the following:

  • Petrofac / ADNOC Onshore- EPC For Qusahwira Field Development Phase-II Project
  • Chiyoda CCC Engineering Limited/ ADMA- NASR Phase II FFD EPC Package III
  • CCC/ ADMA- EPC Works for NASR FFD Package 3 – Installation of Power Generation Facilities (4-GTGs) at DAS Island

For further information on our wide range of Safety & Risk services, please contact Mr. Loveson Varghese, Technical Director, Safety & Risk – Email: loveson@domeint.com



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