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Dome Yemen resumes work on OMV Project in Shabwah Province

OMV Yemen has invited Dome International LLC to resume the prime contract on instruction towards partial lifting part of the balance plant construction works at the Central Process Facility (CPF) 30,000 Barrel Plant at Al Uqlah Block S2 Shabwah Province in Republic Of Yemen.

The scope defines the activity to be executed within 6 month period, from January to June 2021 on following remaining construction, installation and commissioning work packages:

  • Completion of power plant building.
  • The Two Rolls Royce Gas Generators each 4 MW / 6 KV.
  • Completion of all auxiliaries and subsystems.
  • Completion Fuel Gas Treatment Skid Relocation (separator & membrane).

Dome Trading & Contracting Limited GM, Abdulaziz Daer, & Deputy GM, Nadia Basahi, visited OMV Yemen oilfield at Al Uqlah Block S2 Shabwah Province in Republic of Yemen to congratulate the team on their excellent construction performance safety records with zero loss time injury (LTI) throughout the year 2020, as well as strict compliance on COVID 19 recognized by OMV Yemen oilfield operation.

Appreciation certificates were distributed to the entire workforce (85 Dome site employees) in recognition of the achieved safety records and on the overall site construction performance.

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