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As one of the leading HSE consultants in the UAE, Dome provides various services to our clients, one of the most important being Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment services in the UAE and other countries. HSEIA studies are of particular importance in the oil and gas industry and are undertaken at each stage of the project.

The main objectives of a HSEIA study is to produce an HSEIA report to demonstrate:

• compliance with HSE legislation and standards;
• that all HSE hazards, including major accident hazards and occupational health hazards, have been systematically identified, assessed and mitigated; and
• that environmental impacts have been identified, assessed and mitigated.

The HSE impacts and risks of a project are initially identified through a combination of workshops and scoping studies, and then compiled into a Hazards and Effects Register. HSEIA involves an Environmental Impact assessment (EIA), a Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) study and an Occupational Health Risk Assessment (OHRA).

Dome has extensive experience in undertaking HSEIA studies for a wide range of oil and gas projects. We have a proven track record of providing high quality HSEIA consultancy services in the UAE and beyond to meet the requirements of ADNOC Codes of Practise, Regional and National regulatory bodies, international funding agencies and to IFC standards.

Some of our major projects:

HSEIA for Haliba Full Field Development (Phase 2 & 3)

Scope of work / project description:

Al Dhafra Petroleum Operations Company Limited, is assigned with Onshore and Offshore concession areas in Abu Dhabi. One of these areas, Area-1 is located onshore in Abu Dhabi and currently includes four discovered fields, namely Haliba, Bu Qalla, Riqueah & L1-G, which were discovered and tested in the early 1990s and comprises a total area of about 4340 km2.

The first field development target is the Haliba field. The Haliba Development plan consists of Full Field Development and full well stream transfer to ADCO ASAB facilities for further processing through an export pipeline of ~65km. The sustainable production from this field is envisaged to be 20000 ~ 40000 STBOPD.

Dome scope, was to carry out HSEIA for Phase 2 & 3 (i.e. EPC & Operation Phases) of the project.

  • Client: Al Dhafra Petroleum Operations Company Limited.
  • Year completed: Phase 2 completed in 2018 while Phase 3 is currently ongoing.

HSEIA for Bu Haseer Full Field Development (Phase 1)

Scope of work / project description:

Bu Haseer is one of the offshore fields in Al Yasat concession area, which is located 155 km to the Northwest of Abu Dhabi and 16 and 20 km away from Das and Zirku Islands respectively. Structural area of Bu Haseer field is 19.8 km2.

The objective of the Bu Haseer FFD Project is to increase the production from Bu Haseer fields from 8 MBD in Early Production Phase to 16 MBD and to provide artificial lift using ESPs and water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance. The project Scope included Offshore Package, Onshore Package at Das Island, SARB and Zirku Islands.

Dome scope, was to carry out HSEIA for Phase 1 (i.e. FEED Phase) of the project.

  • Client: ADNOC Offshore (Formerly, ADMA-OPCO)
  • Year completed: the project is completed in 2018-2019.

HSEIA for Dalma Gas Development Project (Phase 1)

Scope of work / project description:

The Dalma Gas Development Project involves the development of Satah Field, Hair Dalma Field and Bu Haseer Field. The study scope includes following offshore facilities as part of the project, Three new unmanned Wellhead Platforms, Modification and refurbishment of existing Hair Dalma HD-3 Wellhead Topsides, New gas producer subsea pipelines, New gas export subsea pipeline from Arzanah Island to existing IGD-E tower, and Umbilical or composite power/communications (fibre optic) cables.

Dome scope, was to carry out HSEIA for Phase 1 (i.e. FEED Phase) of the project.

  • Client: TECHNIP FMC
  • Year completed : the project is completed in 2018